Numeric Construction:

Do you ever skyrocket to China? Or, if youíre already in China, do you ever skyrocket up and down? Itís believed in certain circles, many squares, and the occasional rectilinear torus (yes) that skyrocketing, be it to China or, when already in China, up and down, lends a weightiness to the bellows that is not otherwise attainable through any other means!

What could this portend for you, the average floabie what hasnít heard from Kingo in eight?


Letís get straight to the skedaddle before begrudging ourselves any more sleep:

__ A container of David

__ Lists of alien artifacts

__ B

__ Silver, blue, and desk

__ because the power was out

__ Connect!

__ At the drive-through, when they kept asking for his order over and over again, he finally just couldnít take it anymore

__ Hammer : Nail

__ False

Now, turning from that brief (but necessary) divergence, consider, if you might, a pair of panties on our head. Iíd like to put them in the laundry, when I get home. Isnít that nice? We must return to the skyrocketing dilemma, so that we tie ourselves in a nice little roundabout sort of construction, thus eliminating the need for any police action.

Skyrocketing places the spinal column in a quasi-vertical orientation in respect to gravityís relentless tug, and forces the neck muscles to lift the chin to a healthy 120 degrees from the line of spine. Though the eyelids tend to close, the force of the airís drag on the face, even if already in China and skyrocketing up and down, more than compensates.

Energy is unyielding and will not give up the ghost to physical particles.

May Cob distrust your testimony.