Thorn Pillars and Xanadu:

Robots are unable to come here.  Why is that?  Has someone put a magnet in the way?  Is there a raygun?  Perhaps everyone is rusty?

Iíve gained a new perspective.  I call it Scoo.  I put it in my helmet.  It rings and we all smell like weed.  Canít swim?  TRY SCOO!

A very, very, very, very, very long.


In the back of the barricade is a cordon.  It is belonging to Smell.  He is mad.  Put him out!  He will sing.  We went on a trip, looking for more Scoo, and hereís what:

1. Many elephants were there.
2. Beheaded aunts are less friendly.
3. Dilated ponderosa is in the vial.
4. The rancid meat can cause yucky.
5. Smith.
6. 50% off!  EVERYTHING MUST GO!
7. Lead makes a better window than a painting.

Do you believe in armies of extended families that invade your privacy for the overrated seasons of the woody?  I MELT MINE AND FREEZE THEM.  Try it!  Later, in July, you can take them out and try reconstituting.  Iíve never been successful at that part, BUT YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY!!!!  I like it.  They are melty and then they are frozen chunks of relatives and then they are melty all in a pile.  After I canít successfully reconstitute, I make a puddle and swim in it.  SWIMMING IN UNRECONSTITUTED FRESHLY REMELTED RELATIVES IS RELAXING!  Try it.

But no things must not become a part of no more of not that.  This is trying.  Iím a trail.


Pud, Flud, Gud