Marsipitus Pilfer,

Days have increased in number! We've recently distended our inactivity to include a wider range of incontrovertible devices for your decision-making processes. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. There is, in the offing, a sizeable portion of abstraction to consider.

Sing well and decisively, that you be applied to yourself repeatedly, thus assuring your own inclusion in the upcoming dilemma of multiple facity. DON'T UNDERLINE THAT IN RED, IT IS TOO A WORD! You've been drenched in the succulent squash of incapacity quite a few times, now. Each time you've scribbled in your book words that indicate to no one in particular that your eyes really hurt. STOP STEPPING ON THAT MAT!

Contained within a million, shiny, petulant spheres of randomly determined opacity is a tidbit of schematic integrity. To draw this same thing on a piece of paper, no matter the size, would be contractually negligent! Examine the core requirements (inverse), place an 'x,' or possibly 't,' and spare yourself the envy of your creditors.


Your connection may have timed out. Fret not the neck, for the smooth sounds otherwise generated can be pleasing to the thyroid. DISTRIBUTE FREELY!

No time has passed. Inevitably, the air will belong to the children, the sky will hover above the patina, and the scars will heal only with love and distraction. For it is in forgetting that we trip into the bush that's been there for a few years, it is in condemning that we make it look like we didn't actually do anything wrong, and it is in waltzing that we look like men and women thrice our age. DO NOT BEND, HOLD, OR MITIGATE.



Core Requirements:

: : Spade and/or Neutered

: : Dressed for Success

: : Squiggly underline (green)

: : Make payable to: Suture

: : Only at the BEGINNING

: : Therapeutically, impenetrable

: : Ordained for your Protection

: : Linked to various Homicides

: : Punchy

: : Scatter to your Friend

: : Store in an Elevator

: : Repetitive: Faultless!



Misnamed at death,

Gargle, Motrin for the Bunnies