Cordially Demoted:

The recent l'oaf spill in the bay was very much overextended. While our energies were slightly taxed in the processes involved with cleaning, disorganizing, and quelling the mess, the majority of our salmon are entirely airborne, and there is no need for a redundant disintegration. SkipHimbo, a Cobbian twiddle pilot, has released the following statement, which I feel exasperated to pass along:


As you well know, by now, the refurbation of the shelter has been unimaginably oblong. There are teeth in the walls! In essence, however, much has been fished and little has been left to the squid. Our jack-dancing companions have been a tremendous asset to the effort, and I'm quite confident that in a funtnight the entire sector will be jellied and powdered. A few outstanding issues:

There is ice on the light bulb. Any effort to remove it has resulted in casualties. We are studying these calamities with the help of a spud farmer.

Our KingHumper is still stuck to the gum. Recall that some dipthong discarded the wad directly on the edge of a mooring dock, and the goo that was later generated between the bow of the KingHumper and the dock was uncontainable. Many peanut butters have been utilized in the removiation effort, but thus far to no avail.

My belly is especially pleasant to stare at.

Antoine, our youngest tumbler, has created for us a fascinating study in color and plastic. It's on display!

That's all there is to report right now. Keep the trowel emptied of cement, and always wear your headphones when travelling to Kentucky.

SkipHimbo in Ordo"

The brevity of the letter is accessible, and we can all use a new letter opener. Don't disdain, there're only a few more anthills to cross before we reach narnia.


If it would help, wear some elastic. There's plenty to go around.

Until the clammy rocks get plundered,

IbSoGobblin, Creator of Tree


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