Shiftless Muddleflank,

Remembering a time when sewing was instigated as a hostile attack on the clothespin gang, InsulinMango wrote up a quick little posey:

"Often, our concentration is mangled by the likes of a jet engine, at top speed, making tracks across our yard. Never step out to take a look! You may be snapped in two, as these engines are a bit tricky and have been known, on occasion, to spew large wire-like projectiles off in all directions, chopping things up pretty good."

There are things you can buy, and there are things you can put on your trailer-hitch to make it less attractive to would-be hitchers. But what's being discussed here is nothing short of an explosion of super-novaic proportions.


I'll tell you, though, that this is fantastic. The following excerpts from Flyer will give you much incredulity to put in your stew:



Maximum Super!


New Tilty Box have Long Live!

Put it:


* Under Skin!


* Out of Yard!


* With Chicken Family!


* Plates for Each! (free with Spoo!)



* Very Great!


* You like Can? YOU LOVE TILTY BOX!


* Extra Long for Fun!


* First one on your Block!


* It's a Treat!


Not Convinced? Go suck an egg! When you come crying to mommy, we'll all have Tilty Box and you'll just get the wrapper!

Thank you and Under Here, Put the Order,