Preferably Plastic,

  1. When the garbage can (or bucket!) becomes loaded fully, do not push!
  • If the ice-machine dispenses no ice, and makes no noise, SHAKING THE LEVER probably won't do a damned thing.
  • After a long lunch, apply brakes advisedly.
  • Don't disturb the distribution curve by inserting tab 'A' here.
  • When in a cashew, DON'T STARE AT THE SPOON.
  • I've noticed you've got two ears.
  • InkywhyPoach detailed an outline of a spiffy little melon: "Tell me when were you dropped, oh busty of mic? Give me words, for my children, that I not lose my diploma and have to re-apply at a small, fly-by-night college or university. Did you plant that in my amber? I've known many wonders in my desperate youth, yet not once have I aroused curiosity. You asking about cow?"


    Hold on there, marvelous scratching post! It's been a while, and I realize you're all getting very distantly related. Turn off the refrigerator and hold your nose. No stink comes with practice, and timing is nothing but empty.

    Many people put cake on their foreheads! This means you? DONATE! I've got a... sorry. Pardon my nut while I crack the shelf. Ah.

    Mismatch æ


    Put it:


    [] Nope


    [] disqualified


    [] over there


    [] didn't read it


    [] baked goods


    [] been there


    [] it's a cork!


    [] excuse me


    [] hasn't asked


    Mismatch æ

    Porches, though hefty, might oggle,

    Plunting for Fish