Tilting Bar with Lips,

DISTANCE IS ILLUSION. The sack, over there, is filled to the brim with a rich, creamy lather. Cob has blighted mine eyes that I might actually spatter correctly the foster evidence that is my wont.


Past the way, over yonder, in a little barrel that looks mostly like a rock, there's a hidden key. It'll unlock a couple of things, if you push hard enough. Terrible twos. Indeed. Cob has suffered stranger sidelines in the hopes of catching a few mirrors off-guard, so as to spendthrift the nickels to death.


Please, get off the bus.

In the back of the park there is a tree. It's got leaves, it's easy to recognize. In the tree often sits a troll, ears askance and butt akimbo, who's time has come to condemn the Husklobbers for their tractors and poor stitching. CALAMITY! Don't despair, though, as time will tell the rodents not to pick up on the hints you've left along the way.

There's a pie-like substance here. Test it. Taste it. Put it through your filter. As Cob's torrent lessens, and the CobWobbles decrease in estimation, the one or two left might congeal with the voracity of the completeness of converting the world of Husklobbers. For we've lost not our license if we can't find our dinner.

Addle -


Disoriented and confused, I avow that _______________ is just a way into the upside. In the end, my _________________ comfort and solemnity are unchanged by the intervening years. With this, the following is agreeable:

_____ 6, with the longest in the middle

_____ parts c and i, alleviated

_____ as few as possible

_____ 102, put in the hand, directly

_____ $16.28, for a limited time only

_____ I select next-day air

_____ Cast x .17% daily = _____.____-______

_____ 6, with the shortest on the top

_____ 6, with none included

x__________________, I understand that most of what has preceded me has been factual and contagious. I've lost _____________ time already and never seen a penny of what we all know it's worth.

_______, 19au121212___ xx_________ Spanning, Brightly


Addle -

Untilled, misused,

Developing Tractor