Gangish, MoStopIt of Tone:

Please stop putting those little bee-bees on the tile in the hallway. People are frequently breaking their parts when they roll around and then fall to the floor. Remember, under that tile is concrete! It's hard. Ouch.

You may find that a small, misshapen package will be delivered to you momentarily. DON'T OPEN IT! It's got a lot of squiggly stuff in it, and, as you know, you can never be too careful about the squiggly stuff. Impressions are most things, and nothing is less apt to bring you to a screeching halt than a flotilla filled with misrepresented dalliance.

A spiraling of fibrous contraceptives is very common in cases where no particleboard is found. Placement is crucial, and many of the things you see are simply confounding due to their being out of place. If you place them in the right context, everything makes sense.


In the end, there is a scantily clad description of dimple.


Æ Enhance


(discomfort is not a sign of arrogance)

½ In a small pool

½ Outran

½ Unbeknownst

½ As promised

½ Until it's orange

½ Sping!

½ Definitely a victory

½ <{sppot! Spoot!~<)

½ Discomfit

½ Except…


Æ Enhance


Armed for Convenience,

DabnoLung, Ist Eich Fellnor of Oompa