Dear Mr. Sleemer,


In reply to your fantastic report on roadways to Lanyap or Dillstone I thought I'd share with you the results of my extensive studies of the peoples commonly referred to as "Husklobbers." The "Husklobbers" originated in the town(e)ship of Lob sometime around 1523(Wilsom p32-35), it is generally thought that they migrated there from two towns over. The area on which the town(e)ship of Lob was founded is centered between two rivers, the Whivle, and the Shorne(Dirvish p79-88). The "Husklobbers" became known for their quick tempers and their fecundity. The rate of procreation in Lob was amazingly high(Dirvish p101-176). As the population expanded and the need for food increased the peoples of Lob were forced to expand upon their boundaries.

They began by constructing great bridges over the Shorne and the Whivle. These bridges, called Hant (pronounced with a long a) and Tedsle (Pickernash p1001-1003), as well as the roads to follow led to the towns of Lanyap, Dillstone and eventually Crousielmanyahanto (or Haslop). Cities were invaded and taken quickly by the "Husklobbers" who in a very deceptive tactic lobbed not husks, but sharp rocks and pencil points (Wilsom p96-97). Your agents probably were imprisoned by the "Husklobbers" as are most intruders in their lands. As far as the blind fellows with the onions, it would be impossible as all the blind in this region are sent to the fluaxu to be disposed of. In addition onions are not grown in this region.

For additional information please consult the following books:
"Lob and Minurat-Introduction to Early Morning Society"- Issac R. Wilsom; 1971 ASfacts, New Yawntro.
"Have You Ever Crossed the Whivle?"-Joseph D. Dirvish; 1832 Crastor Books, Shivalex.
"The Long Road to Haslop"-Pinituar H. Pickernash; 1982 Asfacts, New Yawntrol.

Now the shellfish need your approval to move forward.


Riguarle P. Fussunt