Phials of Ever Crooked Face:

Well, we've found it in the stew.  At last!  We had been operating under the assumption (miscalculated and sticky-like-ham as it was) that it was in the commode.  How silly we can be!

So we've found it in the stew, but now we need a thing!  The stew is very hot, and we can't fit our tentacleeeees in there.  What's to be done?

Obviously, we need to get it out of there.  It's an heirloom!  And we don't even believe in Merv Griffin.  It could be that we need an enema.  WE'RE REALLY NOT VERY PORTABLE.

Can you send us a planter?  We've got a lesion.  It's silly.

THAT WIFFLE BALL IS SLOBBERY.  That's from the dog.

Can't decide?  List:


__ Bistle                 __ Sklew
__ Thorp                __ Lilk
__ Marfonint           __ Stog
__ Battery is Clad   __ Sinewy
__ Plasted              __ Smell
__ Larry, Larry, Larry...
    Larry?  LARRY!?!?
__ Line                  __ Male


Can't decide?  Lump.

Mioaritar Esztoche Tzeve Veec,