The corner was twitching. It was close to the floor, and the shadows dancing there could normally have been blamed. But there was no doubt that it was twitching. Just below the speaker, which looked like a hooded mannequin's head. Or something with a hood.

The wall opposite slid. It was barely noticeable. It slid, downward, and then a perpendicular wall bubbled. The twitch in the corner fiercened. The speaker was shaking with its force. And then the sliding wall melted to the ground, with no noticeable residue. The bubble burst.

Twitch. Twitch.

The speaker collapsed, with a muddy thud instead of the expected smack of plastic on wood. And the twitch in the corner moved out from the corner, slowly, until it got about a foot from the wall, then it twitched forward, joining the melted wall. The whole foot high melted wall twitched. And the floor wobbled. The lightbulbs, none of them lit, exploded, simultaneously. The twitching wall-pile spat, hissed, and became violent. A squanderous rancher entered the room, saw the bubble, and proceeded to engulf it. The noise from the action was something more like a spsqualk than a click.

The twitchwallpile swelled, bulbously, toward the shivering ceiling. The floor crept slowly away from the impending confrontation. The spirit had apparently moved the chairs to dance into themselves, so that there were several scattered squuds as the wood splintered itself vehemently.

At the window, a scratching sound appeared, and the window was then slid open by it. Cautiously, the room was entered. An air pocket was pushed aside by the scratching. The room's center was then violated.

The buckling wooden floor began gasping. Then gurgling. Twitchwallpile screamed, the ceiling pondering it's newly attained viscosity. drip. drip. drip.

The floor ate away at itself with the ceiling's inconsiderate slobbering.

Half of the remaining furniture was damaged by the scratching sound. Twitchwallpile was startled by Scratch. Bleedingceiling found time to be nearly unravelled by Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.

Glass shards appeared to burrow into the missing floor. The floor itself had, for the most part, vanished.

The speaker's feet were traveling around.

The fourth wall, which had remained stoic, wall-like, suddenly oblonged into space. Fire opened on the floor.

The fire was extinguished by scratching sound.

Twitchwallpile lifted its eyes toward the moon, howled once, and began laughing as the moon was eaten by the scratching sound. Trees everywhere were crying, and most houses were now twitching. Twitching houses began sliding into the gargling grass.

In Vermont a million horses developed tumorous, wing-like growths on their abdomens, and, as they'd never learned to fly, they obsessed over their lack of dignity. An elephant, which could not have had tentacles for long, squished most other animals.

The eastern hemisphere of Earth was beginning to be twirled into the western by the scratching sound. The Earth, sickle-celled, attacked the sun. The sun was torn apart by the scratching sound just as Earth became blackened to the point that only Twitchwallpile could escape. Then Twitchwallpile was made insubstantial by the scratching sound. By the scratching sound, the scratching sound was deliriously envenomed. The envenomed scratching sound was driven mad by the scratching sound. All that was heard by the scratching sound was the scratching sound.